Medical Facility Construction



Tuscan Industries is a medical facility construction authority, dedicated to quality modular and onsite structures. Redesigning medical spaces by building medical offices that accommodate a varied patient flow; this company improves the aesthetics of any clinical space. Tuscan Industries constructs hospital operating rooms, patient waiting areas and other health care ventures. These professionals work diligently to bring a project into completion, within client budgets.

Located in Smithtown, New York Tuscan Industries has built quality buildings since 2001. The company is privately owned and brings years of construction experience to the job. A selection of manufacturing techniques is used to complete ventures more rapidly. Whether projects are prefabricated, or onsite, they are done with the most advanced techniques.

Tuscan Industries constructs medical buildings that expand medical facilities, allowing the hiring of more doctors, researchers and clinical staff. Working on a range of buildings for major companies, Tuscan Industries has a multi-faceted group of people skilled and efficiently enhancing the quality performance of every facility constructed.

Workers are experienced in a variety of construction and design trades. Medical construction companies deliver medical facilities ranging from provisional rural clinics to long-lasting hospital buildings. When building a hospital, every detail is crucial. Flooring, electrical outlets, window placement and other accessories are placed skillfully, according to client specification.

Whether a medical structure needs remodeling, additions or complete construction, Tuscan Industries is professionally prepared to build from start to finish; interiors and exterior finishes. Listed in the “Bluebook” of healthcare construction since 2009;

Tuscan Industries specializes, in including green living elements in building projects. Sun decks, catwalks, and sunroofs. Smoke free environments are important in the construction of medical facilities and energy efficient buildings are a necessity with fuel cost rising and an effort to keep patient cost down. The range of medical construction projects is extensive:

  • Pharmacies and laboratories
  • Medical office structures
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Satellite outpatient clinics
  • Bio medical labs
  • Administrative and training facilities
  • Medical school facilities
  • Clinics

Experienced construction engineers are able to build while hospital and other medical facility plans are coordinated. Construction controls provides building management in a way that prevents disease from spreading to other spaces, while patient care continues to operate efficiently. Hospital facilities enjoy large rooms and a wide variety of operational space.

Tuscan offers an organized engineering staff familiar with codes, environmental and safety requirements. Hospitals adhere to various governmental regulations and they are effectively addressed by the Tuscan company. Supervisors of Tuscan Industries are educated in these important legal requirements, developing flexible solutions for medical construction projects, long or short range.


Tuscan Industries responsibilities when serving as the General Contractor include:

  • Applying for or assisting in the application process for building permits
  • Management of change orders and general conditions
  • Providing all materials, labor, equipment and services
  • Monitoring schedule and cash flow
  • Maintaining accurate records
  • Ensuring a safe and secure project site