Food Service


At Tuscan Industries, we are dedicated to our profession and enjoy seeing each and every project through to the finish. It’s important to hire the best and most talented individuals for a project to be successful. We take care of this and more for projects involving new construction, interior renovations, and remodeling.

Tuscan Industries Food Service Construction

Tuscan Industries is proud of its diversified experience in property renovation and full build outs from the ground up. Building for the food industry presents us with a unique opportunity to fulfill our clients’ dreams of owning a stunning restaurant. At the same time we are also positioned to influence the overall customer experience offered at your facility. What better way to influence customers perceptions from the moment they arrive than a striking view of a beautiful restaurant? Clean and crisp design elements subtly contribute to an impression of excellence. We understand that the building or renovation of your property is of utmost importance to the success of your restaurant, and we aim to exceed client expectations. We work closely with experienced architects to incorporate noteworthy elements in clients’ desired styles. We know that the appearance of a property is the first indicator to a customer what the overall quality of a restaurant is. Setting is key in influencing the way your customers feel about your restaurant. You entrust your brand and your image to us, and we promise to deliver.

Tuscan Industries offers a range of services from installation of woodwork and other design components to complete renovations of existing properties in need of a clean face lift. Whatever your need, we have a team in place to make it happen. A willingness to adapt to necessary changes keeps our teams flexible. Pride in our work equates to integrity on the job. We put our heartfelt efforts into taking your vision from a piece of paper into an amazing reality for your business.


Tuscan Industries responsibilities when serving as the General Contractor include:

  • Applying for or assisting in the application process for building permits
  • Management of change orders and general conditions
  • Providing all materials, labor, equipment and services
  • Monitoring schedule and cash flow
  • Maintaining accurate records
  • Ensuring a safe and secure project site